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​What sizes do you have?

We have different sizes available.The most common tarp sizes we have are 9×12, 15×18, 18×30, and 18×24 ft. Our inventory is always changing, and we update the website frequently. Customized Sizes are made on orders.

Can I get a custom size?​

What applications are your tarps used for?​

Our material is used for a very wide range of applications from the standard to the unique. Some examples include: construction tarps, agriculture, floor covers, roof covers, lumber, shop curtains, dividers, concrete curing, relief tents, truck tarps, handbags, and much more!

How long will it last??​

A general rule of thumb for our material is 3-4 years and it depends on the proper usage of the products.Due to a wide variety of environmental and application issues, it is impossible to give an exact lifespan. We have had customers use these vinyl tarps for 8+ years.

Can I return an item with no damage or defects?​

Yes, as long as it is unused, within cooling off period of the purchase. Otherwise according to the policy i will not be returned or refunded.

Can the tarp material be cut or trimmed?​

Yes, our tarpal is easy to cut or trim with very little fraying.

Does your products hold up in severely hot or cold conditions?​

Yes, our products are constructed to withstand various temperatures. It is designed to be used outdoors in all conditions.